How to Start your custom home build

How to start

We have spoken with thousands of clients about building their new home and one of the common themes we see is that they do not know where or how to begin. They know that they have a requirement for a new home, more space, bigger bedrooms, a nicer back yard, but they just don’t know what they should do first!

Generally when people are looking to design and build a new home they are in 1 of 2 camps.

The first is that they already have their land to build on, whether it’s a vacant block or an old home they are going to demolish. They may have owned it for years, inherited it or have just purchased it, either way they know where they are going to build.

The second group of people do not have their land as yet but may be actively looking in the market, possibly attending and bidding at auctions and generally building up their knowledge base of the area they are interested in, or may still be some time away from purchasing.

Depending on which group you are in will have an impact on where you start from.

It is always wise to ‘start with the end in mind’. By that I mean to have a clear understanding of the outcome you wish to achieve at the end of your project. It may your first home, your last home, your dream family home or an investment property, this will have an influence of all aspects of your decision making throughout your project.

As with any successful project, there are 3 main areas that need consideration, being Time, Cost & Quality.

This is a great place to start as your understanding of these will be critical to a successful build. Quite often I find that people will under estimate the time and costs involved with building a new home. Quality is an interesting topic as it not only relates to the finished home but also the quality of your journey throughout the entire process and beyond. Were you understood and included as part of the custom process or where you another number in a large machine?

So back to our original question, where to start?

If you already have land available to build your new home, the next step would be to focus on the design of your new home. This would incorporate the style of home and size of accommodation required, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, car accommodation etc. and also assigning a budget for your home.

The first part is generally fairly straight forward.

‘We would love a Modern home with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, Guest room downstairs for the visiting in-laws, 2 Living areas, a large Alfresco, Garage big enough for 2 cars and a pool out the back’.

The second part is a little more complicated.

How much do we spend? How much do we need to spend? How much can we afford? All great questions, with the same answer, it depends! Not much help, I know, but let me explain.

When considering building a new home you need to look at the TOTAL project costs, not just the building part. These may include purchasing the land, stamp duty, demolition of the existing home, architects fees, planning fees, the building contract, landscaping, pool, window coverings, rent while you build, move in and setup costs. It’s vital that you understand and budget for all of these prior to moving forward.

An experienced building professional should be able to help you with understanding all of the project costs and where savings may possibly be made.

So, with all of that in mind, there are 3 initial steps for you to follow;

  1. Choose the location of your new home.

  2. Decide on the style of home and your accommodation requirements.

  3. Allocate your budget.

Once you have decided on the above steps you are ready to start your exciting journey of building your new home.

Next, make contact with us here at Mayfair Living and we will guide through the entire process and start the ball rolling!