Find your plot of land.

It all start with your plot of land.


Mayfair Living is able to consult you on the full potential of your site, based on size, shape, characteristics and area knowledge to maximise and realise the full potential that it can offer your family, whether to live or invest.

With our experience and network of Property Estate contacts in Melbourne, our Land Search Service, can assist you in finding the perfect plot of land.  


Once it is found, to ensure a perfect property can be created to achieve the best potential financial market results, we can assist you in coordinating the entire process, including;

  • any legal,

  • regulatory,

  • physical and environmental requirements

Beautifully Designed Custom Homes

Once you start with us, our expert design and build team will discuss your personal home needs, family size, space requirements, the siting potential of your block and the style you may have in mind.


Of course, you may also choose to explore our range of custom home styles to suit your needs and complying perfectly to the context of its surrounding environment.

The Mayfair Living experience starts with a team with expert knowledge, resources and visual tools to ensure we get the greatest results.

Interior and Joinery Design

A house is defined as a home by its interior.

The Mayfair Living team excels in Interior and Joinery design like no other. Our collaborative design team will assist you to customise your space that is consistent, sophisticated and tailored to suit your budget and personal style.

Mayfair Living interiors will always reflect your desires and how you want to live, with a sense of space that offers a canvas for you to express your family lifestyle.

The textures and colours and inbuilt joinery designs inside our homes completes a Mayfair Living residence that will be valued by those who own them.

Visualisation Technology

Mayfair Living is at the forefront of Visualisation design technology to assist in your home design and for you to visualise your own personal space before you sign-off for construction.

Mayfair Living offers a unique Virtual Reality (VR) visualisation experience at our VR Studio, that allows you to ‘literally’ walk through your home prior to sign-off and construction. We understand that the hardest part of the design process is truly knowing what your home and your most important investment will not just look, but feel like too. We do not live in a 2D world, so we do not expect you to know what a floorplan will look and feel like as a home. Our VR immersion experience will take away all the guess work, apprehension and potential costly site changes at the construction stage.

Our Architectural Virtual Reality Design team will model your exact home so that you can walk through your own home within a photo-realistic virtual space; you can open and close doors, feel the space within your Kitchen and other rooms, open and close appliances or just view your home in day or night scenes.

This is a truly unique and amazing technology that is standard experience with every Mayfair Living designed home.